Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Open for the Public

In the Journal Standard, a paper from Illinois, an article describes the Freeport Masonic Temple and how it has been opened to the public for rentals as well as being open to the public for tours. Brothers, we should be opening our doors to the public. There are many misconceptions of the Craft and I think the first major way that we can end them is by casting light on them. The Masonic Services Association printed a very good piece on how Masons can speak of the Craft without endangering their oath.
It is essential that we, as the Fraternity, guide the discussion and not let those that wish to harm us get the final salvo. One of the first ways is to invite the public to see what we do, whether that be our charitable works, or inviting a guest outside the Craft to educate the brothers on a subject such as an expert on local or national history, etc. I am not suggesting that we allow a non-member during a meeting. However, we are an educational, charitable and fraternal organization desiring to make good men better and the public should be allowed to know this fact.

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